From the very same city that inspired Richard Dennis to call his students Turtles.

"We are going to grow traders just like they grow turtles in Singapore."
Richard Dennis in the book, Market Wizards

TurtleFarm is programmed with strict adherence to the original Turtle rules that were taught to the Turtles by Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt; N volatility calculation, position sizing, money management, pyramid, entry, exit, notional account adjustment to account profit and drawdown, and more.

TurtleFarm is programmed by a trader for fellow traders so you can expect the software to be easy to use. No complicated and cumbersome navigation. It is by far the most user-friendly and powerful Turtle trading software.


TurtleFarm is an End-of-Day software specifically designed for traders who do their analysis after the markets close. The Turtle Trading System is not suitable for intra-day analysis as intra-day price actions have too much noise that hinder the effectiveness of any trend trading system. The Turtle Trading System is a trend trading system.

Whether you are an experienced, active trader or just learning how to trade the markets, TurtleFarm helps you to successfully and effectively learn the famous Turtle Trading System.

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